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11-16-2012, 03:34 AM
No, a purple doff is worth exactly:
- spend 5 min to go to a nebula
- slot a support mission
- wait for 4h, if it crits, enjoy. Get a refugee you can also turn into a purple with luck.

- choose a white/green/blue/support doff, check BU, AT, ZA, and use it into an exchange mission. Enjoy a purple with a 20% average chance.

- turn your extra CXP into fleet credits, buy purple doffs, enjoy.

Saying a purple doff costs 55k dilithium is lazyness or complete ignorance of the doff system, and I know you perfectly know how it works.

A few months ago, we had no grinder and it was perfectly fine. The grinder was introduced to help us upgrading our starbases to meet the green and blue doff requirements. Now that the community has moaned enough to remove those, it's legitimate to increase the cost of these doffs we don't need anymore. In no way they are required, now the only use of the grinder is lazyness to upgrade your own roster.

And the bright side of the update is that purple doffs will be better valued (hopefully), which means more money for doffers willing to sell a part of their roster. Ignorance is always blamable, if people pay for doffs because they don't want to learn how it works i won't feel sad for them.

My only regret is about the free academy pack, it wasn't really hurting the game.

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