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11-16-2012, 03:39 AM
I meant the KDF aceton assimilators, the ones that drain power from a target.

5 people should never go right up to her. she has a shockwave attack that can easily wipe all 5. i recommend 1 person going up to her and drawing her aggro, while the other 4 are spread out on all sides, each at least 4-5 km away from her.

you don't have to completely shut her down... although it would be nice. slowing her engines down reduces her overall defense rating and reducing the power she has to shields helps mitigate the damage reduction she has to her shields as well as her shield regen rate.

so long as you have a dedicated drain boat and people watch out for each other, the fight is really not that bad. when people start unlocking the higher tiers of the omega and romulan rep systems, this fight becomes even easier. it's only hard when your group is not prepared and geared for it.