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11-16-2012, 05:10 AM
Yes, because endless grinding on half-assed "content" that more or less resembles a browser game is "fun" enough to pay real money for?

THAT is the root of the ********- Season 1, 2, 3, 4, and even 5 had actual content-content even worth RE playing to L50, and the STF's were "end game" but still, arranged in order, told a STORY that contained interesting things.

Now, first S6, we've had "content" that tells NO story, built around minecraft-style grinding-first Fleet grinding, which was at least open to ALL ranks and levels rather than being isolated to the top tier, with what amounts to "vapid but pretty" rewards, a few purchaseables that MIGHT be close to the value of what you put into them (okay, Fleet Modules are ridiculously overpriced for what you get-esp. KDF side)...

and now Season 7, wherein ALL rewards are "Grind for it bitches" linked to Dilithium, which is now much, MUCH harder to obtain while everything you USED to buy with it now costs much, much, more...(not even addressing the commodities issue)...

for what, exactly? has ANYONE actually seen what we're supposed to be grinding to get???

and no story. Sorry, but NO STORY. a few bare hints here and there, some set-dressing, but NO STORY, nothing to make this rickockulous grind we're now saddled with, worth the effort.

How hard is it to do up some episodes and maybe give the Klinks some of the things they've been asking for for...what, since 2010 at least?? Let's see...

Episode-quality Foundry missions exist(ed, who knows if they still exist since foundry's cut off) for quite some time-the last "featured" KDF episode of note being the Krios mission-which is better than the rehashed FED content and actually...ties to the metaplot better?

There are/were others, equal in writing and storytelling to anything Cryptic's put out 'officially'. so it's not like it'd be that hard to have divergent, parallelled advancement curves between the two existing factions.

The New STF's are Beautifully made, mind you-but rewards don't line up with risk or expense-esp. at Elite difficulties, since the very same commodities you need to FINISH those missions, are also required to BUY your "reputation" in Rep projects-how many of you would go into a ground STF without Regens?

Ah, a few hands there-have you ever PLAYED a Ground STF on Elite??? Oh...hands went down, except for mister "I have more injuries than Jesus" over there.

IF the Rep system ONLY required Marks and Dilithium, it would be less of an issue, I suspect, than it also requiring a ****-ton of other things to drain a player's accounts-especially a player who does not HAVE three years' of stuff saved up to spend!!

and there is still the content-desert here. NOTHING on KDF side led up to the Romulan missions-nothing, closest thing to it, would have Klingons INVADING hte remnants of the RSE, not aiding them in establishing a new colony.

Then we go to the ground missions...

"Epoh"...oh, that's cute, "Hope Spelled BAckward" yah...**** that, if I wanted to, was jonesing Poke'mon, I'd be playing Poke'mon, or Monster trainer, or some other lame-ass kiddie bull**** game designed for 11 year old girls in China by 50 year old men with a Lolicon fetish.

Same for the little pink tentacoo monsters...whatever the hell they're called.

This is supposed to be STAR TREK, with Strange new worlds and new civilizations, epic conflicts between star empires, and exploration of concepts and the clash/interaction of disparate ideals.

We've got somewhere in the order of 5 or 6 major metaplots going back to the introductory mission every new player has to endure, plus indicators of House conflicts in the Empire and a Federation with a growing seige mentality beset by threats from all sides...and frankly, the 'wrap up' to the Undine is an ENORMOUS disappointment, as are several other promising avenues, meanwhile we get jack **** on the Iconian metaplot, Sela, etc. etc. etc.

It's not that there's signs of life in this stuff, it's more that what we have been given is "Story development is too hard, here, go grind a bunch of **** for me, pick up pretty rocks and chase cute animals."