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11-16-2012, 04:14 AM
Originally Posted by baudl View Post
well it is f2p, sure you need internet to play it, but if that is your only problem please give it a try anyway since the storyline is good and enjoyable. the scenery is fantastic. Don't let yourself be held back just because of the network requirements.
Oh no, that was mostly a response to the doomsayers. I've started play last week (on a trial account, now turned f2p), and I love it, to be honest. I play it mainly in the same vein as I played KotOR, just with more people running around. My network connection is A+, here, that's not an issue

I just meant that if the game would indeed die, I hope they make it available as an offline game. The KotOR modding/patching community would jump at the opportunity, I'm sure.