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Couldn't agree more over the past few days of play ive bought the plasmonic leach and on deciding which sci powers to train so thanks for those ideas. I have an atrox and im so glad that i only had to put 1k zen towards my dilit grinding because this ship is twice the ship of the atrox in fact this is my best ship dps isnt great but spiking damage can take bigger targets(tac cubes, cubes, gates) down with ease for some reason im struggling against smaller targets(spheres, Raptors, Neghvars) dont know why any ideas? was thinking of maybe tetryon setup to take shields faster

EDIT** Tryed switching out one of those copys of TacTeam and it reduces my tanking ability by approximately half which is not good as the whole point of a carrier is to survive while your pets die, this was only tested on pvp.
I seem to do well with tyken's rift/polarons. But my sci has fully specced flow capacitators and two of the consoles slotted ^^

Pop tykens, tractor beam them in place and slam them with polaron weapons, then just watch their ships disintegrate.

Also completely renders cubes helpless, target practice for my BoPs...

That's tykens rift 2, btw, as I'm also running Gravity Well 3, for giggles. In an elite cure match I can get 3 neghs and 1/2 raptors in a gravity well, pop tykens rift 15 secs later, and have them all blow up in one big warp core chain-reaction.