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11-16-2012, 05:49 AM
Counter offer Stahl..., we understand you have to comply to your paymasters at PW. We get it. But this "fix" is a dirty lie that only set the system back again. Put gear rewards back into STF's and endgame content. Put the original amounts of dilithium back into all the events the way it was before. That means 1440 dilithium back into Fleet Actions. That means 1100 dilithium back into Elite STF's. EVERYTHING back to the way it was before. Leave the salvage and tech out to satisfy your Perfect World taskmaster's demand to cinch up dilithium a bit. Leave the instant foundry created missions out of the game, we as a player base can admit that we were cheating the system in that respect. Cancel the dilithium cost for the general recruitment assignment. You get to tighten your belt on dilithium reasonably. We get our game back and the ability to actually play it. You don't do this for us, your game dies in season 7. A dreadful shame since the new reputation system and endgame content is really awesome. A terrible waste for all the work that went into making this release the best you've all come out with yet.

This is the voice of your player base. It may sound loud in your ear now. Leave things the way they are and the annoying sounds of our complaints will grow ever quieter as we all walk out the door. I don't need to remind you that this is the holiday season and prime time for new and more interesting games that are being released. Games that aren't centered on abusing their player base. This isn't a threat. It's just the reality of economy. When a product becomes more hassle than enjoyment..., well consumers tend to find new products. Don't make the mistake of figuring us for dupes. We may love Star Trek more than other genres. But most of us don't love the genre enough to allow you to cripple our gameplay.