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11-16-2012, 05:10 AM
If nothing else Devs, you should read zulisvel's post just up there.

I just can't imagine how exactly the meetings about dilithium referred to must have gone. Some missions offering way more dilithium than the effort for them demands being a potential problem, I can understand that. Mind you, during the week I'll be lucky to find time for more than one quick mission a day, so I don't really have a problem with something fast that will give a decent reward like the Investigate Daily Officer short missions. Got time for more? Then there's other things to do. But that quick little boost for those of us short on time was very welcome.

Adding dilithium rewards to more things is a good way way of counteracting the problem of not enough being refined for everyone that doesn't want to grind STFs all day. Though I agree with those who've stated that it should be added to everything, so we're not forced into playing certain content which then leads Cryptic wondering why we largely play those and not others. Even still, to make our 'quota' given to us by Cryptic of ~2000 dilithium ore per hour, we're still forced to grind the same old missions, just have a touch of variety. Making the reward match the effort better I can agree with too, though I would have made the STFs as the benchmark, keeping them at that point.

But honestly, dropping the dilithium rewards from the STFs I'm perfectly fine with. Cutting the quick sources for a touch of dilithium not so much, since I personally think that a couple of quick sources is vital for everyone who has a life outside of STO. But probably the thing that irks me most is the new costs for various things. 500 dilithium to convert common doffs to uncommons? Seriously? 50 times the original cost? How many people are going to bother with that anymore, especially with the other dilithium costs floating around? You wanted to make them match the cost of doffs from the doff packs? So what now are people who bought doff packs doing to do with all the non-purple doffs they get out of them? It's expensive dilithium wise to trade them in for better officers. The most valuable thing they could probably do with them now is grind them down to whites and dump them on fleet projects or the exchange.