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11-16-2012, 05:29 AM
this is a very squishy Vesta build, mine, so bare in mind, that I pretty much built it for my taste (and knowledge of myself, since I am a coward, so when things get rough I just flee, and dont heal ), and this is for PVE, with no PVP in mind for this setup. I get around 5k dps every stf (however the advanced combat tracker does not count for shield dmg, where this build is not standing out). so this is for the aventine (I didnt need or have the rest)

Lt. Tac: Tac Team1, CRF1

Lt. Engi: Engi Team1, RSP1

Cmdr. Sci: Polarize Hull1*, Transfer Shield Strength2, Hazard Emitters3 , Grav Well3

Ens. Uni (as a Tac): Tac Team1

Lt. Uni (as a Tac): TH1, CSV1, TS3

*for the dmg resistance buff, and the lack of APO

Shields, engines, deflector: MACO mk XII set

Weapons and whatnot:
Front: Disruptor DHC*, 2x Quantum torpedo**

Aft: 3x Disruptor turret

*I dont use the aux, because of the 3 aft turrets, they generate too much dmg at high wep power, to ignore them with high aux power, I compensate with aux batteries
**I have 3 purple projectile doffs, they really make wonders, but this works with 3 rare doffs, but be sure to use photons instead

Devices: shield battery, aux battery, subspace modulator

Tac Consoles: 2x disruptor and 2x quantum buffs

Engi and Sci consoles: I use the universal consoles, but what you really need: assimilated module (for the torps), tachyokinetic converter (turnrate buff, plus good for grav wells and torps), plus you might wanna use the spec console for the aventine, it deals nice dmg, especially with aux buff in combination with the maco set bonus power. the rest of the consoles you figure out, whatever suits you, I suggest a shield console, and when it comes out one of them threat generation consoles, since you get way too much attention with this build from enemies. edit: I forgot, that the iso charge can do some nasty things while you have a group in a grav well 3, you can annihilate a whole group of nanites in ise with the help of an escort in a matter of seconds

Hangar: Adv. Delta Flyers (for the shield stripping; I would consider peregrines, but the cooldown is bugged, so go with the stronger ships, that have chance of surviving)

I know this is not the bestest build ever, but it is a good basis for someone who is interested in a more torpedo oriented setup for PVE, plus I still do more dmg than your average sci ships in stfs (might be even more than escorts too)

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