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Originally Posted by tpalelena View Post
I did not see Twilight, and I never will see it. I pity any person who had to see it.
If it can ruin such a pretty face, its evil power and baaad acting must be fell indeed!

That is one of the few things I am NOT willing to do, not even for money.

Still, when they put on a handsome man, nobody whines. When its a pretty woman, every insecure person on the internet yells "Nooooooooooo!" .

Pretty women sell stuff. PWE knows that. At least they did something good once.

Also, nobody forces people who dislike pretty women to look at it.
Its an image on a webpage. And as far as women in MMOs go... not really indecently dressed.
QFE. Considering we can have Federation female officers run around in game wearing a midriff baring halter top, go-go boots and micro-miniskirt, T'Jiggle is pretty conservatively dressed. She isn't even wearing the high heeled boots fer cryin' out loud.

Let me be blunt and put it this way: I'm paying good money to get away from all the crap, including political correctness, and immerse myself in another world.

A world where a Starfleet Captain like Jim Kirk can fong his way across the galaxy and not come down with an intergalactic STD that dissolves him into a puddle of goo before dawn. (Which probably explains why Bones was always hanging around the bridge instead of his sickbay).

A world where a separated Borg female who is uncomfortable with the idea of clothing, who also has a coincidentally incredible, awesome bod, somehow prefers to wear a skintight, high heeled catsuit instead of a long loose robe and sandals.

A world where a ship's counselor shows enough cleavage to hide a ream of paper and still doesn't distract her patients during therapy sessions while reading their emotions (seriously, how did she ever get past all the feelings about her cleavage???)...

A world that has Deltans and Betazoids, two races that like going around nekkid...well, enuff said.

I think you get my meaning.

This is a world that has been pretty darn consistent in its attitude towards eye candy for all sexes. This should not be a surprise to you! If you don't care for it, you really need to find another more politically correct world to immerse yourself in. I recommend "Hello Kitty Online".

D'Stahl, I'd really, really like to see this as wallpaper. Thanks!

Just sayin'.