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11-16-2012, 06:58 AM
i didnt read every post but i did read half or so of them and no one even mentioned anything outside of stf doing this exact same thing.
ive noticed the excessive hull damage against maxxed out shileds on numerous differant pve missions.
this problem is game wide and not borg specific.
for instance a 26k crit from a romulan on new romulus against full shields and health happens often enough to make you see that their is sumthing wrong.
my klingon kar'fi doing the fleet action where you fight feds(cant remember the name)
haveing an engi captain with full healing and hull regen build was playing the entire match with full shields and it seemed most of their damage went directly to the hull.ive played this mission many many times and they used to damage my shields before they ever even touched my hull.
this was only one example so this problem for me is not just borg but anywhere you go in the game.
i dont mind abit more difficulty but wow shields have become quite useless against most enemys who take your hull down without touching shields at all.
im assuming a majority of the posters primarily play stf and maybe havent even played anything else in the game yet since it has only been a couple days since launch.