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11-16-2012, 06:00 AM
thanks for the improvement! Fantastic change... was a little depressed before that.

I do not want to be greedy or something, but could you as well enable some "loot" for STFs. I mean nothing big, just something, so that we can role the dice once more

PS: Here an edit:
read now some player feedback... yes, I can understand, that people are upset about taking it away and giving a small amount back... but I can also understand to limit the dilithium input to players... It was ERY easy to fill a few characters up to their heads with dilithium ore...
Nontheless, the problem of completing anything and the sameness of the fleet and reputation system mentioned before
Originally Posted by elkysium View Post
I was expecting a whole new system for the rep not one that was already in place using most of the same resources(fleet). Doesn't even feel nor sound like a reputation system if you ask me. [...] Why would i want to level my character the same way i level my fleet? Too monotonous.
as well as the reduction in STFs' loot make them and a lot things a bit boring...

I do not want to curse or defame anyone, just mentioning that old things got monotonous. I liked flying STFs and earning some dilithium, energy credits and maybe some good weaponary (Borg are advanced... there could always be something nice in the wrackage, Janeway showed us!!! ) What should I do now? I just have a limited amount of Currency whether it is Dilithium or Energy Credits and in the end I cannot fill both systems... makes one sad.

I think it is a wise idea to reduce the cost of Starbase Improvement, BUT was there a need to take the fun for hunting out of it? There is no need to gather specific goods like the "Contract Bartender" from before. Yes it was a lot, but it was doable (the "Contract Chef" with the 1000 Klingon Heart of Targ was a little big and I am glad that it is not there anymore..) However is there no way in between? Now, I have to farm Dilithium and Energy Credits and the build grows... there is no fun in that. Almost every project is the same in its requirements (more or less, but it is the same) A little hunt once in a while might be invigorating for almost everyone.

I liked the new STF and the new "Borg" Sector Invasion... !!! Have to say the good things, too!

The STF needs some variable back, if I have to say anything about it. Bring the DICING back, let us role once more for the loot. Where is the greed!

Indeed, I need greed!

BASICS TO DO (according to me):
balance the efficiency of missions for their loot-time basics and people will play everything (just to mention one thing: CURE now is as hard as before and does not reward anything more or less then the other two old STFs - why not change the amount of marks to earn?) people will in the end choose the missions most effective for their in-game needs and their fun will decrease because they need things to advance while the fun will cease (if you do not advance, you won't have fun either)

make players pay a lot more reputation marks for faction advancement and reduce other things. REPUTATION IS EARNED BY DEEDS not FEES

put some variety into starbase projects to widen the field of hunt for things and not just for Energy Credits and Dilithium. This might be motivation to play the Temple Event to get some Romulan Ale.... or maybe make some missions to drop there a specific good needed for a project or make it the reward for the mission -> people will play all missions, if they need the things out of them... and the will sell these things for people who nontheless do not want to play it!

If this is the wrong place for this.... tell me, I am farely new to this forum work.

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