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Originally Posted by suaveks View Post
What good are shields for if the borg is simply ignoring them? Which is, like, a whole point of this thread?

In general I don't mind harder STFs at all. They were too easy to begin with. But as I said earlier, I've invested a lot in my Vesta's shields and they seem useles, as I can keep them at 100%, yet one torpedo can take 50% of my hull nevertheless (leaving shields intact).
They are not ignoring them they are just hitting so ridiculously hard that they blast threw a facing or your getting massive bleed through plus plasma dot.

From what I can see in logs their torps with a normal hit are around 30-60k+ non crit raw damage. 10% of that would be 6k plus the 600-1300 per tic and the standard energy weapon hits and it is gonna hurt.

Try keeping your defense score high that seems to be the best way to roll. High defense to avoid hits plus high resists (i'm talking 40%-60% hull and shield should be at least 50%) and be prepared to disengage if needed.

Also many of us got used to the 2 piece borg set passive that helped mitigate such things that many of us are no longer running. That is the likely culprit to the perception change.

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