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Medical Log: Stardate 88874.1

Emergency Medical Hologram reporting until the Chief Medical Officer is cleared for duty.

This morning at about 0300 hours Crewman Kyne was having trouble sleeping. In fact she's been unable to sleep ever since the attack on the Borg Octahedron four days ago. In accordance with my programing she was offered counseling as well as a strong sedative to help her sleep. She offered up what can only be classified information so protocol dictates that this recording be coded for the Starfleet council by way of Admiral Aviess as the Captain of the U.S.S. Highland was lost in the battle and the acting captain Commander Thiris Ossylov doesn't have proper clearance.

She was sweating profusely from night terrors incurred from being aboard the Borg vessel. Anytime she begins to sleep she has vivid recollections of the events. When asked to elaborate she began to retell the events leading to her current condition. She detailed meeting each of the other four members of an away team in shuttle bay two as they readied the shuttle for deployment. Lieutenant Kyne Owman is a Bajoran female devote in her religious beliefs and was the best candidate aboard the Highland to introduce a virus to the Collective for her computer knowledge and skills. Aside from her the first to arrive was an Andorian male who specialized in various explosives who would be acting as security for the team. Next came a Human male who would be the field medic, she described him as an older angry type lugging his field kit like a burden. Finally in came a Vulcan male science officer and a long pause from Lieutenant Kyne.

When asked if she was alright she shook her head and continued. The Vulcan had come in talking to a man dressed in full M.A.C.O. Armored Environmental Suit with the faceplate opaqued. Her first thought was that he must have been a higher up or at least an officer who was very well connected. He would act as the second security officer to the team. They were under strict orders not to disclose name or rank and remain as anonymous as possible, an odd request, even for classified missions. When the five separate vessels began the assault on the Unimatrix the shuttle would launch from the Highland and infiltrate the Octahedron. For the most part she described that things had happened mostly according to plan. First the team would need to disconnect the Central Plexus Nodes to keep the Borg from calling for reinforcements. This was accomplished by the Vulcan science officer who had trained extensively to handle Borg technology. As this happened the team was surprised by sudden build ups of plasmodic energy. Disconnecting the nodes was causing the energy to build up and discharge through the floor plating.

Luckily there were signs before each discharge so the team was able to easily avoid them as they handled the Drones reacting to their presence. Once they'd managed to disconnect the final node, they were able to move further in to the Octahedron to the Collective Core Chamber to upload the virus itself. This was the job Lieutenant Kyne trained for. She paused for a moment to take a deep breath and say a little prayer to the Emissary and the Prophets. As she did so the Officer she could feel the M.A.C.O. watching her, head cocked to the side out of curiosity. As she finished it took her only a moment to actually upload the virus, but as the sequence began running, the Core's defenses kicked in. Automated Turrets began homing in on the team.

In between blasts heavy tactical drones began beaming in and the M.A.C.O and Andorian went to work. Each using a pulse wave rifle to blast back the Drones before remodulating. The Andorian had a disruptor pulse wave, illegal under normal circumstances but the Lieutenant was sure they'd over look it this one time. The M.A.C.O. how ever had a newer model elite fleet pulse wave rifle, whom ever he was under the helmet he was well connected indeed, those models are so new they only come as phaser rifles. As most of the team was dodging plasma bursts from the turrets a drone had managed to come up behind her while she was checking on the progress of the upload. As turned to see what was going on she came face to face with the utility arm of the drone swinging directly at her head.

Before she could react the M.A.C.O. had lunged into her taking the brunt of the strike to the helmet. The helmet was shattered and the M.A.C.O. knocked several feet, the Lieutenant herself had taken a few serious gashes to the left eye, a blow that would have been fatal had he not interfered. She paused again. As the Drone raised it broken utility arm to strike again the M.A.C.O. was back on it and managed to break its neck in a single strike. What ever this well connected officer was, it wasn't human. ?A Heavy Tactical Drone with his bare hands...? she said in disbelief. It was that point he turned to check on her with no regard to his own safety tearing off the rest of his helmet and using it to kill another approaching drone. As he turned back to her she saw his face, ?it's Face? she emphasized. A face that was cold, dark, and inhuman indeed. She trembled slightly as she described it with a perplexing look of confusion on her face.

?It was the eyes I saw first saw first. They were all black except for the iris which was a blood red. Eyes that mirrored depths so cold even the Pah Wraiths couldn't burn.... and in an instant they changed. They became so kind and warm with out changing anything but the expression. When he turned to call for the medic I could finally see the rest of him. He had to be a young Vulcan given the look and the ears, but those expressions... the raw emotion... He looked as though he'd been assimilated, his skin was a dead pale, slightly greyish green. I... I could see the veins beneath, like he was well into assimilation, but there he was protecting me as the Medic did his best.?

Medical note: The Human Medic was able to save the eye and with a few more treatments it will function normally, however the scaring around the eye will likely be permanent with out cosmetic surgery, a surgery this sickbay is to damaged to perform.

She continued saying that as the medic was tending her wound, the virus took effect and the defenses were shut down including the barriers that locked them in the Collective Core. According to crewman Kyne every one paused as they first glimpse of the face behind the mask and the man who couldn't be more than twenty two or three seemed almost embarrassed before moving down the corridor. With the defenses down the team was given the perfect opportunity to search for the Queen had she been on board. Apparently even the normal Vulcan almost seemed confused at what he'd just seen before every one followed him. As they passed rows of Drones, not a single one moved. Not one twitch, not one raised arm, not even an open eye. All stood statuesque like some sort of morbid piece in a museum. The Andorian was bold enough after a few seconds to start laying explosives of some kind from his pack as part of an ?escape plan? she quoted.

Then they saw her. The Queen. She was hanging from the Command Interface, almost like some ?blasphemous effigy that scoffed the Celestial Temple itself?. She'd been surrounded by another barrier and several drones which attacked once inside. Each of the team handled themselves like their recorded holosessions adapting to floor plating giving off the plasmodic discharges again. As the last drone fell so did the field and the Queen herself stepped down and attacked. No one on the team knew what species she had once been, but she was almost twice as tall as every one else, even the other drones, as well as more machine that organic. Several Thick Cables draped from her head that moved like some kind of old earth fable the deceased captain had once told her about. From the description a Gorgon is the likeliest of probabilities.

After sustaining damage she returned to the interface in an effort to regenerate as another wave of drones beamed in. The M.A.C.O.'s pulse wave took a direct hit and burned, melting to the floor panel. Again as the drones were defeated the Queen engaged the away team using the cables to attack using some sort of ?focused energy beam? which clipped the Andorian's arm dropping him instantly. The Medic tossed the M.A.C.O. his weapon, and older model phaser sniper rifle, to help defend him as he attempted to revive the Andorian. While he was able to do so the arm which had been clipped could not be saved. Stabilizing the explosives expert he took the Andorian's pulse wave and retaliated against the Queens onslaught. As she returned to regenerate the entire group had been caught by surprise as along with another wave of drone, in beamed an assimilated Gorn. She described it as being over two meters tall and having a synthetic tail which it used as a weapon much like the Queen's interface cables.

As it attacked it used various strikes from its massive claws and tail as well as energy blasts from the mechanical tails tip. The M.A.C.O. was able to keep it busy as the Vulcan used some type of weaponized nanobot to attack the drone weakening it and in doing so the Gorn went into a blind rage getting hold of the medic. The lieutenant paused again and became very pale and sickly looking.

?It grabbed him and it.... it just bit into him. I've never seen such a thing, it was horrendous, the look on the medics face...? She was able to collect herself and regain composure and go on telling me that as they tried to save him the Gorn's shield had adapted to their weapons as it tore the pore Human apart. With that the M.A.C.O pulled out what the woman called ?some small handle looking thing. It folded out into some type of sword. I? I didn't even know they MADE collapsible swords any more!?. She went on to describe how the strange man in the M.A.C.O. armor attacked the Gorn severing it's head and arms before breaking the blade off inside the torso dropping it in it's place as dead as the medic.

And before any one had the chance to react the Queen attacked once more, and once more that strange but warm face turned to one of pure rage which froze into that same terrifying visage she had seen before. But it was more than just the same cold look, it was a cold focused look. A focus she would never wish on any living being, but a focus that the monstrous Machine had brought all on herself. At once he launched himself at her. With a flurry of punches and kicks, blocking her cables and landing blows that would kill most humanoids in a single hit. At one point she relayed he was braced against her, using her hips to stand face to face as he assaulted her, swaying her around a she stumbled trying to defend herself.

No one had noticed but the Andorian had regained consciousness and was watching the battle with disbelief, his antennae she noted even stood straight up in surprise. As the M.A.C.O. continued to pummel the Borg Queen the Andorian used his remaining arm to reach into his pack and tossed a large grenade to him. As if it had been planned the M.A.C.O. struck the Queen once more and as he raised his arm as if to strike her again instead reaching out to catch the grenade and in one single smooth motion reached over her and lodged in in her lower back somewhere before diving off of her to safety as it went off. The lieutenant seemed to be almost in awe of this as well as if she still couldn't believe it happened. The Queen had been blown clean in half.

To the young Bajoran's horror, the queen still lived. She managed to pick herself up and begin attacking again, using her interface cables to crawl the power conduits along the ceiling ?like some type of devil spider? she called it. The Queen was drawing energy from the conduits to power her blasts from which ever cables that weren't holding her weight. As she blasted away she told me that the M.A.C.O. grabbed what was left of his blade and threw it possibly as hard as he could launching it at blinding speed hitting the Queen between the eyes. It wasn't enough to kill her but the force of it knocked her from the conduits and she hit the floor right as a plasmodic discharge burst from the panel she landed on. The mechanized lower half must have held what ever shielded her from the discharge because once she was hit her systems were flooded.

Both organic and and non-organic alike fried instantly, an almost electric arc blasting from the metal of the blade lodged in her head. She returned to check the Andorian who was still alive, though barely. As the remaining team gathered around him he smiled in a way that the lieutenant refereed to as an expletive consuming grin as he held in his good hand the detonator for all the explosives he'd packed. The M.A.C.O. tossed the rest of the Andorian's pack onto the Queen's remains which had fused to the floor panel as the remaining flesh smoldered. He then gathered the remains of the medic and brought them over as he readied an emergency transporter beacon activating it as the Andorian activated his detonator. As Explosions racing up the corridor she was wrapped in a familiar light as they were beamed aboard the U.S.S. Morbius.

Every one was beamed safely back minus the remains which were probably rerouted to the ships medical bay, and the strange Vulcan M.A.C.O. who was no where to be seen. She said that any time she asked about him the crew either didn't know any thing or just rolled their eyes in frustration. As the Octahedron exploded each of the five badly damaged ships warped out at the first chance heading straight to Sol to debrief. It would be a long trip and there are still a few days left, but it is recommended that the Lieutenant be removed from active duty for the time being and treated for post traumatic stress once the U.S.S. Highland returns to Earth Space Dock. The Holographic Medical Officer will remain active until all duties can be returned to the Chief Medical Officer.

Computer, Encode log and store for Admiral Aviess only.