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It seems the Vesta visual FX nacelle bug didn't fully get fixed in the 11-15 patch, just the the Vesta's Graviton Shield FX now displays properly on the nacelles, this was the only item mentioned but I actually thought if they fixed this bug for one of the visuals, it should work for them all, guess it was wishful thinking. The Fermion Field (looks like this worked at some point as it's working in the Vesta Blog pictures), Hazard Emitters, EPS Power Transfer, Tactical Initiative and Go Down Fighting FX still do not cover the nacelles and I am sure I missed some of the other ship buffs that are still bugged as well.

Another visual FX bug brought on by the 11-15 patch is to the Rademaker Class Hanger Shield Bubble. When I got the Vesta 3 pack on Tuesday, the Hanger Shield Bubble used to disappear when I would launch a carrier pet then reinitialize once the pet left the dock and drop again for the second pet and repeat the process. Now the pets just spawn inside the bubble and fly right out through it and the cool little shield dropping animation does not happen at all.

Hopefully some of these visuals get fixed as the Vesta is a fun ship even though the hull is weaker then a wet paper bag which is kind of funny since it's described as the most technologically advanced line of starships in the fleet in the Cstore and such a super ship in the books. You would think some of the Starfleet technology for such an advanced line of starships would actually give it a better hull then it currently has. Maybe this is a stat bug and it's just not calculating the stat bonuses correctly or if working as intended maybe CaptainGeko will rethink that hull number again since it was already upped once before the ship was even released so maybe now that people are actually flying it, they can get some better data on just how fast actual Vesta users are dieing in missions.

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