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11-16-2012, 06:21 AM
75 for commons.
150 for uncommons
250 for rares
500 for very rares

If recollection serves. On the subject of prisoners, though, I wouldn't mind the turn over assignment for them on the starbase to grant a better reward to give me a reason to actually send Doffs into military offensives. KDF gets to turn them in 3 at a time for 350 (1000 on crit) and 4 at a time for 500 (1500 on crit), and there's a 10 at a time turnover for them at the security officer that grants a base 1000. (Which are the main reason, I'll admit, for my three KDF alts.) Maybe add a dilithium reward to the Dosi, Paradan, etc colonization supports in the Cardassian sectors - I did always take some delight in pawning off as slave labo-I mean entrust the care over our POWs to our allies. But there's not much of a return on it - and the KDF gets those too, though I don't suppose the upgrade'd be as useful to them.

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