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11-16-2012, 06:47 AM
I just want to point out something.

Watch TNG season 1 again. At least the first 15 episodes have at least 1 dodgy reference to sex (recently rewatched this series and kept note, since I didn't remember it being that way), if not things alot more explicit. This is a universe with **** gangs. Entire species happily run around naked. What about that episode where Wesley trampled those plants and got sentenced to death? The women there were much more sexualised. So were the men. Are people seriously getting so bent out of shape over a drawing of a female, who is no more sexually explicit than Deanna Troi was in 5 and a half years of TNG? You have high moral codes? Fine. Good for you. There are others that are more free flowing with our outlook on life. Everyone's lives must be really well sorted out if this is the worst thing in it.

I like Handsome Phaser Guy. I like Pretty Phaser Lass. I hope they both keep turning up around the place. I would probably have done her in a different pose, but the overall design of the character is lovely, and a well done to the artist from me.

You know, I'm beginning to understand why it seems the devs never listen to the forums. Because whenever they try something new, whenever they address the balance, whenever they show us a little bit of love, it always ends up a moanfest against them. Pretty much every. Single. Time.

I went off on more of a rant there than I intended. But there we go.

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