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11-16-2012, 06:48 AM
Originally Posted by nagorak View Post
Well, don't feel obligated or anything. I know my missions are long, especially Dereliction Duty. I didn't realize how long it was when making it, and also made the mistake of front loading most of the optional conversations at the start of the mission.

I guess the trick I would say with DD is if you start playing it but don't have a lot of time, you can spend time on U.S.S. Atlas Deck 13 until you finish everything or get bored, and then you can quit and come back the mission another time and just rush through Deck 13 (shouldn't take more than 5 minutes) and just do the actual mission.

I've tried to keep the others a little shorter, but I run into the issue where it's not really realistic to break up the mission after every single map. So, they still end up being a little bit long.

Really though, we have the advantage with the Foundry of not having to cater to absolutely everyone. It would be nice though if there was some way to select the mission length you want, etc. As has been mentioned we've been asking about that for a long time.
Thanks for the tips. I'll probably find a time when I can play it straight through. And don't worry, it's not because I feel obligated; I've been interested in trying this mission for a while.