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11-16-2012, 07:06 AM
I think they just try everything for we pay more, it just that if they continue like that they will kill what was STO.

What they don't (or don't want) understand is what happen now. I mean what they did about dil wasn't bad, ok we farm less dil but that not the true problem, the problem is now we need dil for everything in the game. And that mean we need more and more dil but they give us less and less way to have dil.

Just for exemple for people who don't have too much time to play and don't want farm before with STF in elite i win 1400 dil plus all the proto and other thing ( i don't remember the name in english) i can seel for dil, the most of time with one STF elite i did 3800 dil.

For people don't want farm that was great because we could focus time on play with friend and not farm.

Now i have to farm for dil and reputation and EC too because we loot nothing for make EC, that mean just farm and farm and farm.

For be honest i don't think i will continue this game even if i loved it.

Sorry for my english.