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Originally Posted by deadspacex64 View Post
so, new players can only gamble.
That's what we did prior to exchanges, and I already had 200 or more purple doffs before the grinder. Few of them were support ones, because I don't need that many clones. It took me months to build my current roster, and I have less than 20 doffs coming from the grinder in it. They don't always give the best ones. It'll just take the time it took before season 6. That's not a big deal.

If people don't lurk these forums and don't (want to) join the dedicated channel, I think we shouldn't blame the devs for that. Again, the only purpose of the grinder was to help us building our starbases. Now that we only need whites, this purpose is gone and the use of this tool changed too.

Now you only need whites. I can't make it clearer. All other qualities are extras you use for endgame doffing. You're free to play this part of the game or not. Nothing in the doff system is mandatory now, except recruiting white doffs at the academy.

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