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# 234 My Questions
11-16-2012, 08:23 AM
1. Now loot drops are missing from STF (a change I can live with, I'm just not overly happy about) - what other avenues will there be in the game to get Mk XI purple or better kit from random mission rewards ? Especially ship weapons ? Basically the only Mk XII purple ones we can get now are the fleet ones. You've removed the STF borg store weapons, and the chance of getting them in STF loot !

2. When is crafting going to be reworked ? Aside from the Aegis set, there's nothing craftable we can make that we can't buy in the Dil Store, so what's the point of all those crafting materials apart from putting towards fleet projects ?

3. This should be an easy one... Can we PLEASE have the ability to customise the dedication plaque on our ships' bridges ? What's the point of a blank brass plate. It's a small thing and shouldn't be that hard to do.

4. I get that the lockbox ships make you money, and whether or not you're for or against the lockbox idea, I think now that enough lockboxes have been opened to make you enough cash for the Galor, the D'Kora and the Jem Hadar Bug. Everyone has had multiple lockbox lottery shots at them... Why not just now put them in the C-Store for those who weren't lucky enough to get one until now ? You'll still be making money off of Zen points and people will probably have to buy extra ship slots ! I have no doubt you will be doing more lockbox lotteries for new ships, and these 3 have been milked for enough cash methinks...