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No, that's a pretty Federation thing. It doesn't fit with the KDF theme at all, yet everyone sees fit to copy+paste this Fed-biased tripe onto the KDF. Helping a faction within a Romulan/Reman civil war is one thing, but this ground swell/peace-and-happiness for all in the future thing is BS. Any sensible Klingon Empire would be working flat out to conquer the Romulans AND the Remans, rather than letting the insidious Federation sink its tentacles into the region.

As usual, KDF comes last in line in terms of priorities. When was the last time KDF got content that was clearly aligned towards KDF themes and KDF values?
Actually, it was quite clearly explained that they were doing it for their own good.

It doesn't serve the Klingon Empire at all if they wage a war with the Federation AND the Romulans.

It's only a stalemate as it is now, the Romulans joining the Federation side in the war would destroy the Empire entirely.

Besides, their technology will be quite useful, and if getting it without letting Starfleet destroy them means that they have to work with the Romulans, then so be it.

"Ending a battle to save an Empire is no defeat, and destroying an Empire to win a battle is no victory." - Worf and Gowron in Way of the Warrior
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