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11-16-2012, 08:28 AM
This is happening to me also... Never had it this bad before S 7 hit Holodeck. I mean, I got the odd "server not responding", but those always went away.

Now after S7 hit Holodeck, I'm getting them far more often, almost in every loadscreen, and also in some fleet actions. I'm also getting kicked left right and center when just playing normal missions. I often get kicked to the char select screen, with the message "disconnected from game server" and the odd "disconnected from login server".

Those DC's was extremely rare pre S 7, but something must have changed with S 7...

I see other peeps getting dc at random too...

And also getting heavy rubberbanding in fleet actions and on New Romulus.

STF's seems unnafected by this, so there's something fishy going on with the servers now....

Please fix your servers Cryptic, not fun getting "server not responding" and random disconnects...

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