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11-16-2012, 08:31 AM
The spacebar keybind can be a great stepping stone and I definitely found it very helpful when starting out as it lets you focus on getting the mechanics of piloting down, but as you get a better feel for things it can become limiting. As you get more familiar with your ship, the spacebar keybind is something that's good to try and move away from in favor of more focused keybinds. Execution order issues aside, binding too much to a key limits the extent to which you can time your abilities for maximum effect. It also makes it easy for your opponent to read where your cooldowns are and time their alphas for the weak points in your rotation. Also, as a general rule its good to avoid putting anything that can be cast on an ally in a spacebar keybind, having them there just makes them less likely to be available where and when they are need most.
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