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11-16-2012, 07:35 AM
Originally Posted by stoleviathan99 View Post
Keep in mind a few things:

1) It's easier to add content to a zone like this than to add episodes.
This is true; however, I don't consider it a valid argument.

Episodes are fun and immersive. Dailies become old very quickly and are not really all that much more "replayable" than episodic content. It's only replayable if it's fun (at least for me).

Right now, the idea that episodes are harder to make falls flat on its face simply because Cryptic started with less mission/quest content than most other MMOs. If they had a fully fleshed out quest experience and *then* wanted to go with primarily adding New Romulus style content, it might be better received.

For many players, missions are the bread and butter of the experience. That's where the immersion into the story is. The New Romulus content is equivalent to the little side quests you see in some (especially fantasy) MMOs, not the main storyline content.

I played through the whole map the first day. It was okay. There were some fun mechanics and some things of interest, but by and large it was not truly engaging as a whole.

I started back through it again last night and did a couple of areas, then switched characters and played episode content. The episodes -- which I've played before -- were more fun. There was more to them and they draw your character into the story.

This is not to knock the new adventure zone; it was a nice change of pace. But I sincerely hope it is not intended to replace good episodic content, because it can't compare for immersion. As a change of pace, it works great. As main content, no so much.