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Originally Posted by azurianstar View Post
Anything seen or mentioned in Star Trek is 100% canon.
Not really. Especially when you look at ship scales in DS9 or the weird varying MSD for the Defiant.

Canon is derived from the scripts. Stuff the writers weren't involved with, like Okudagrams, is basically in nebulous soft-canon territory. If you have to freeze frame and zoom to see it, it wasn't meant to be seen.

That said, I wouldn't object to STO building on the personnel files from the Mirror episodes of Enterprise. Those actually established a lot about what happened to characters after the shows.

For example:

Kirk grew up on Tarsus IV, where Kodos the Executioner imposed eugenics based food rationing. Hoshi Sato and her family were killed there. It's an interesting notion that some of the tragedies from TOS claimed the Enterprise crew.

The Shatnerverse has an interesting swerve on this that the food shortage was caused by a virus launched by an eco-terrorist movement that Sarek was a part of before turning his back on and that his Bendii syndrome was actually an assassination tool to silence him. It was one of the better Shatnerverse novels. The notion was that young Kirk, terrified by Kodos' police state, ran away and spied on Sarek. The eco-terrorists wanted to kill Kirk but Sarek intervened and mindmelded with him.

In the mindmeld, Kirk picked up some of Sarek's repressed feelings for Spock. Sarek erased Kirk's conscious memory of the event but, in order to keep him from running off on his own (where it might be unsafe), implanted him with the telepathic suggestion that he would die alone. (Explaining the bit in STV.) Kirk lived his whole life with an added feeling of invincibility because he didn't feel like he would die as long as he was with people. In the Shatnerverse books, Kirk eventually learns all of this, forcing him to take mortality more seriously but also accepting that he didn't have to die alone, which enabled him to have more healthy friendships and relationships, get married, and settle down, setting the stage for the wackier events of the later books.

I suppose if you accept this biographical detail, it also helps explain why J.J.-verse Kirk is so different, having been born in space and raised in Iowa.