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11-16-2012, 08:43 AM
Thank you wraenia, for reminding me. I haven't played STO for almost a year now, lots of family problems and three jobs just to stay in my house, and I did do about 25 surveys back then for free Zen. I had received 270 Zen for my troubles back then but my spam box is overloaded with 200-300 spam daily. Yes, I believe that Peanut Labs did sell my Email address to other markets which resulted in the receipt of increases phone calls (yes I am on the Do-Not-Call-List for my state) that quickly hang up or start cursing when I tell them about the do not call list, increased spam Emails and even increase phone and Email scams. Free Zen is not worth the hassle in my eyes. I can't afford the Zen the honest way, so I'll just do without.