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First Steps of the Elite - played an Elite STF (not sure if matters which one).

Welcome to New Romulus - visited New Romulus.
Lay of the Land - Talk to Foreman Kylor at the Staging Area.
Building the Gates - Walk up to the Gates of New Romulus.
Eoph Whipserer - collect 100 epohhs on New Romulus (this is either a typo or a bug because a team of 4-5 can get this in one run and as a group we only got ~40).
New Romulus Researcher - Gather data about all the animals on New Romulus from researchers (one I believe isn't called a researcher so basically talk to everyone).

Salt Vampire Stalker
Salt Vampire Hunter
Salt Vampire Slayer

Kill 100/500/1000 Species M-113 from Mine trap (easy to accumulate over 100 kills per run).

Open Season
Trophy Hunter
Beast Slayer

Kill 100/500/1000 beasts (this includes the creatures in Frozen and Colleseum. Frozen gives 27 per run which only last ~2mins and you can repeat immediately after beaming out). Just kill the creatures as you scan the door, attempt to use laser then run to the 2 siderooms and beam in point to kill spiders no need to get the laser working.
Other things like the insects in NR, the scorpions etc all count as 'beasts' so as you do the daily missions it will count.

Defending the Status Quo
Putting Down Dissent
Maintaining Order

Kill 20/100/200 Rebel Klingon ships (FED and KDF). They are found in the Beta Thoridor System.

Azure Avenger
Rescue 50 Romulan ships in the Azure Nebula event (no further accolades like 100).

Colonised New Romulus
Explore all 8 exploration points (erm...aren't there 9?).
==Why are you climbing a Rockface?
Climb a rock formation in Eophh Fields.
==New Romulus Historian
Explore the ruins in New Romulus.
==A Hwael of a Good Time
Have a Hwael of a good time climbing up a dead tree.
==The Easy Hard Way
Find an alternate way to and from the river.
==Bridge Troll
Explore the small area beneath the large bridge in New Romulus.
=To Boldly Jump
Jump off the smaller, ruined bridge on New Romulus.
==Master of Vastam
Climb to the top of the natural arch in New Romulus.
==Staging Area Quartermaster
Climb up one of the rocks to jump onto a roof for a view of the Staging Area.
==Brave New Waterfalls
Reach the mid level area of the waterfall in New Romulus.

Someone has already mapped where they are so hopefully that's a clue enough for you to find them.

Tholian Capital Punishment - Defeat the 3 Tholian named Capital ships that can be randomly encountered in the TD sector block (killing the capital ship is enough so focus on that and if you can change instances to find all 3).

Tholian Malfeasance
Destroy all named tholian capital ships in 'vault: enasred' event (this appears at the very end).

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