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Originally Posted by broadnax View Post
Ten zones like New Romulus would not draw me into an MMO.

Ten storyline episode series like City on the Edge of Never would.

Running around the landscape clicking on everything in sight does not constitute story and immersion for me. The light story behind them works as a nice change of pace, especially when I have a small window of time to play in, but it can't replace truly immersive content than draws my character into the story of the game.

New Romulus is a well done zone, but it does feel more like a side game, not a main story element.
You haven't played the New Romulus story episodes, though!

I'm fully prepared to pass some judgment but not until I've seen more of the story.

This is the introduction to the story.

If New Romulus is a musical score, the dailies are the overture. They set the stage for where we are. It's the establishing shot, in film terms.

You don't HAVE to play anything on New Romulus more than once for rep. You'll have to repeat SOMETHING for rep but you get a broad choice of what to repeat.

And by not repeating anything, you'd still be at almost Tier 3 in rep, by which point you'd have new things (including FE style story missions) that unlock on New Romulus.

You barely have to repeat anything unless you want gear or vanity items.

If you repeat all the New Romulus stuff once a week, you're absolutely golden.