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Originally Posted by shockwave85 View Post
I know you can claim the pack on multiple characters, what I haven't had the nerve to try to confirm is if you can reclaim the ship multiple times. The overall pack tells you that it's only able to be claimed once per character, after that it's locked. What I need to do is go to the shipyard and find out if it will let me reclaim the Tier 1 ship after deleting it. That should inform whether we can reclaim the Tier 5 ship as well.

And yes, you want to open both ships. You need to get the Team Fortress console off the Tier 1 version, then move it to the Tier 5.
Either ship can be reclaimed from a shipyard if its deleted. If you discharge this ship, speak to the 'Starship and Shuttle Requisitions' contact to receive another token to re-claim it.


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