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11-16-2012, 08:38 AM
, I am not upset, just fine the presentation distasteful, period.
Where this a Navy Promotion poster (in theory), someone would be outta a job or demoted.

And yes, giving the view or display of 'sexism' on women in Trek in the past. That is not the overall statement of what Trek is, never was, and never will be.

Second, it is also directed towards one demographic ( or two), but mostly pitched to the males' perceptive. That is a failing all-around. It has been said many times, in this last decade or more. There is a female market as well.

Someone in the P&R office, has clearly forgotten that...

And firing a phaser pistol in a skirt, is very unrealistic, especially on away missions. The whole appearance is mostly a off-duty uniform as it looks. But that, is just my opinion...

And just for reference, there is currently a female pilot who commands over 1,000 or 5,000 Air Force personnel flight wing, she is caucasion, age 46. She earned her position, I know she will not be caught dead in something like that, presented by what is seen here.

I have seen other art, for women for this game site, and they convey authority, respect and they are doing the job. *Full uniform*

This current presentation is a poor choice...just that simple. As a compromise, there should be a male and female officers or enlisted done together. Enough of the one-sided view...

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I honestly believe that that people who get this upset over a single cleavage should go see a counselor or psychiatrist and get their insecurities checked.

T'Bust is pretty much dressed averagely by modern standards.
You will see much, much worse on the streets.

And to those people that think its really ruining the game, well... they need to re-watch the series.
I don't think I can find any series where women were portrayed in accordance with 1950s era fashion sense, unless we are talking about some type of monk.

On a another note.... its your choice to where to point your eyes. You can choose to look at other parts then the breasts.

"Hey buddy, my eyes are up here." - This is always an option, and I recommend it.

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