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Originally Posted by skurf View Post
Now that they have added dilithium rewards to STFs they have taken away a large portion of the dilithium reward from the fleet actions. Effectively, this means you now have to spend twice the amount of time playing scenarios as before to earn the same amount of dilithium. And the STFs still don't offer Optional drops for the chance at XII gear. Is this really what y'all wanted?
Is what you really wanted was 1440 dil FAs to replace STFs with a maximum possibility of dropping upwards of 8k dil in a single match? We now have to spend five times longer farming dilithium. Is this what you really wanted for season 7?

Seriously. Why the hell do STFers get the blame for the devs ****ty decisions is beyond me. STF dil rewards have been nerfed by up to 800% in really lucky cases. We're so very sorry that Cryptic chose to punish you by taking away your new found dilithium tree called fleet actions and 1440 every 30 minutes but you point the finger at them, not us.

Originally Posted by stark2k View Post
Whether or not it was meant to be removed or was a bug due to S7 initial release is yet to be known.
Yes it is very much known that they intended to do it. They released their justification blog for it and told us to our face that it was intended, and that it was better for everyone because our dilithium earnings would somehow rise higher without any STF dilithium. They then quickly reconsidered their decision after about 12 hours post s7 release and updated that justification blog to an 'Oh **** The Players have Spoken and We're Keeping Our Word Instead' blog because no one was buying their bull**** reasoning. As a result they instead decided to claim their desires for people to refine more dilithium was happening in a big way in just 12 hours of monitoring the situation via fleet actions, so, seeing what they wanted to see happen and it all being a big success, they do the next logical course of action: They nerf fleet actions down to 480 and under.


And STFers get the blame and they're happy, because they just got away with taking away STF dilithium on a grand scale and nobody realizes it except a handful of us here, apparently, and also a mere few of us here seem to understand enough to point out that there's no reason fleet actions and STFs both can't award more dilithium, rather than continuously whine to each other about how they're somehow the reason for nerfs instead of the people who actually implemented the nerfs.

And as far as s7 goes and any praise it gets for the cash grab rep system, need I remind everyone that if Cryptic really cared about improving your experience they woulda just threw XII gear up on the borg store for a ****hundred EDC to guarantee you your drops rather than making you grind this rep thing for months only to eventually require dilithium to buy anything from the store which essentially dooms any projects that require dilithium because anyone who is playing totally for free are very unlikely to dump their dil into a starbase project now because they're saving it for rep and maybe even fleet store.

Seriously people, we need to do better than fighting amongst ourselves by forgetting the only reason in existence of why season 7 happened. At the very damn least new romulus is shaping up to be a worthy edition to STO. There's THAT, I guess. It's something more than yet more cstore items an lockboxes month in and out.

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