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11-16-2012, 08:40 AM
It seems many people confuse your enthusiasm for a feature as a guarantee it is coming. Instead of gushing about how interesting Xxx is, can you tell us what you actually have scheduled in the pipeline for the next few months, and for Season 8? Is that "KDF stuff in S8" tease an actual plan with a Microsoft Project file and developers assigned to it, or is it still just a want-to-have?

For the STO Web Gateway, what is your schedule for A) rolling it out to holodeck, B) Adding Duty Officer Mission access, and C) Adding Reputation and Fleet projects access? What about allowing Friends to see our ship/BOFF setups?

Any chance of a balance pass across traits to make it less crippling to not pick Accurate/Elusive?

How about faction or game-wide projects? Would allow for people to donate dil towards adding a poker game to the actual schedule instead of waiting for a dev to complete it as a side project. Or for adding new ships, costumes, locations for factions.