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11-16-2012, 09:43 AM
In regards to New Romulus, I'm hoping they spent a lot of time on it now so they have a framework to build upon later. They should be able to drop new content in pretty easily. Also there are those areas that can only be accessed by higher tier reputation people. I can't remember where but I read it but I remember reading that there will be missions in each area.

What I'm hoping for is that some unique items appear on Romulus. Items that will be used in a future crafting system. I honestly believe that crafting should not involve items that float everywhere in space. It you need on particular item, you should go to where it's found, not go to an expanse or do DOFF missions.

Apart from that, I'm liking where the reputation system is going. I would have preferred more than two passive skills to choose from when you go up a reputation tier, but systems like this will start to see truly uniquely skilled toons appearing. Yes, races have differences but they don't seem as pronounce as the differing abilities the reputation system appears to give us. I just hope they never allow us to to have all of the passive abilities at the same time. That would take away the individuality that the current system seems to offer.