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11-16-2012, 09:51 AM
Originally Posted by sirsitsalot View Post
Make no mistake, Cryptic, if you are monitoring... I have not changed my perception of your practices, and until you guys do something to change that perception, you will receive no money from me. But as long as this game remains live, it retains the potential to be something I would be willing to pay for. So I will keep playing casually, and observing. Give me something I consider worth paying for and I will give you money. I know many others are beginning to share this sentiment, that did not share it before, especially after Season 7. But I only speak for myself.

You have me as a player. But you do not have my money. If you want it, you must earn it.

Good day.
Pretty much sums up how I see it. I've spent my share of money on this game buying c-points, probably not as much as some, but it is what it is. I will not be spending any more of my money on what I see as a game that may well turn into something that will be 0 fun and all grind, in which case I'd no longer be playing. Of course, even now it's borderline, I'm a casual player and before it was fairly easy to get my daily dilithium cap on my main character and 2-3k on a couple alts but now it's a chore to even cap on my main character. So much for season 7 making it easier for people to reach refinement cap.

Doing stuff that's fun for me (replaying episodes, doing random patrols, etc.) gets me precisely nothing besides the fun of it and I'd save that until my daily dil grind was done but now I'm not even motivated to do that much. I'm not a hardcore trek fan, and the game itself is no longer fun like it was when I started playing, the only thing that keeps me here is that I've invested money in this game and I don't want to feel that it was wasted, but I'm certainly not going to be investing any more money on something that's no longer fun and has become a chore.

Hopefully the devs at cryptic listen to all the people who've suggested it and do the intelligent thing, add a small amount of dilithium to mission replays, patrols, and whatever else there is to do in STO. Even if each one is on a 24 hour cooldown it would be a major incentive for casual people like me to stick around and spend money.