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11-16-2012, 08:54 AM
(Seriously, people: Monotanium armor saves lives. I've been advocating monotanium ever since I realized that Borg do 90% of their killing with torpedoes of doom, and y'all cling to your neutronium like it's the last bar of latinum on Ferenginar)
Given the avreage number of console slots, likliy skill choices, and diminishing returns the differance between 1 Monotanium + a few Nuetroniums and pure Monotanium is minimal in real terms. It';s all in your head.

Pre-Season 7 my Odyssey has always just ignored plasma DoTs. They were seriously no threat any T4+ cruiser, and the Hazard Emitters could be saved for more important uses.
No it didn't, even on an oddy with very high resistances a basic dot was ticking for a minimum of around 1.25%of your hull a second, 2 dots, (one from torps, one from energy weaons was the norm), you'd see them strip 25% of your hull over 10 seconds. And thats if the shot that appied it wasn't a crit. That would up the ticks drasticlly. Especially if it was a crit while tractored.

There is no way you where not failboating and ignoring the dots at the same time.

I also aren't sure how that comment is relevant to your oddy.