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show me where i have been crying about Dilithium dont put words there and say i said them!!!!!
Right here.

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... when sto take youre dilithium away from stfs then add sum of it back you say TY cryptic ty for takeing my income away and giveing it back ...
and point was you pay for stuff in sto and you want a good ship you will have to buy and dont give me that stuff they are just as good as the one you get more or less free because that is crap
Yes, there is a Pay Store.
No, Zen Store ships are not the best ships in the game.

Best ships in the game are Lockbox ships that are available in the Exchange, sure they cost tens if not hundreds of millions EC but you dont have to pay a cent for them.

Then we have the Fleet Ships, they are harder to come by since they require to be in a Fleet and require Ship Modules but Ship Modules are sold on the Exchange as well and there are Fleet versions of Zen Store ships that do not require to own the Zen Store Ship.

Zen Store ships are convenient but thats it, granted if you want a Fed Carrier that is pretty much having to get the Fleet Escort Carrier but MMOs dont hand things on a platter either, you either take the Zen Store shortcut or you grind for it longer... subscription systems usually just makes everyone grind.

And TOR is in no way different, in fact with their Cartel Coins I expect EA to go milking BOTH the F2Pers and the Subscribers but its also not like STO store does not predates F2P, if I recall it was added during Atari days.