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11-16-2012, 09:54 AM
I have to agree with the OP's sentiment. I have fully enjoyed playing STO and have usually supported the various changes and "improvements" that Cryptic has made. I can't however shake the resounding feeling of "meh" that I have right now for S7. Usually with new updates I'm scrambling to find time to log into STO and get to whatever new thing there is to do, or achieve.

Yes, New Romulus is beautiful - I've wandered it's entirety and completed the daily missions in each area. I've collected enough Omega and Romulan marks to begin reputation projects - but I fear that is where the issue lies for me. As many areas don't open up until I've reached a certain Tier, I can't explore any more, and while I'm waiting for the reputation projects to complete (40 hours per), I don't feel any "pressure" to run out and grind more STFs or Romulan Mark rewarding missions - even though I know I'll need them for future projects. So I kinda feel a little "meh".

I suppose with all the changes (Fleet Marks ESPECIALLY included in this) I feel like we're really in it for the long haul. I don't mind the long haul, but I've often felt before that many things were "within reach" and pushed me to play more and want to find the time to play. I just don't feel that push right now. I'm not exactly trying to complain, but the fact is S7 is cooling off my "need" to play, and if I cool off too much, I may start looking elsewhere to spend my precious entertainment time (and money).