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Originally Posted by naevius View Post
Prior to S7 I had a Klingon toon wearing the (MK XI) KHG set. Now, that set appears on top of any other appearance, i.e. if I try to switch to a different costume, only the parts that aren't covered by the KHG stuff will change. For example, gloves.

Any ideas? I've tried loading saved costumes, modifying, etc. No luck.
Yes when S7 came out any of the Borg Armour FX for M.A.C.O/KHG/OMEGA will show on you like any normal Fed Armour that show on top of your uniform.You have to Disable the armour visual to show your costume.This is so your Boffs can wear the KHG armor look. And if you have only the XII Armor you get the full look of all 3 set (someone in my fleet has this).I hope this helps

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