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11-16-2012, 09:10 AM
Originally Posted by admiralthorr360 View Post
In all honesty I think people have a right to complain about the manner this update was done especially when we were told one thing; while another happened. You might call that life but I call it a lack of manners. You might disagree with me but you better not tell me I have no right to my opinion or viewpoint with all things considered just because you're contented with the new limitations sugar coated as 'new content'.
No one said you had no right to be angry, I was just telling you that you could also consider that S7 just changed the way to get stuff, instead of X runs to get your random loot you have to do Y runs, and you can pay to get your dilithium if you don't want to do your Y runs. That's not just a cosmetic change for sure, and yes it's another strain on our limited dilithium ressources, but if you're in a small fleet, that's a choice you can't blame the dev team for.

With the new huge amounts of dilithium you can get from a STF during the bonus hour, I wouldn't say season 7 is just limiting ressources. It also makes dilithium gathering a lot easier and quicker.