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11-16-2012, 10:12 AM
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Removal of efficiency - Sometimes its OK to have time limited missions to gain things faster than other ways. By removing B'Tran and the console clicking you essentially killed off the ability of the casual player to log on, spend less than an hour online and get stuff done. This complaint is 2nd only to the "feels like a 2nd job" complaint, and directly tied to it. Whats the big deal if every 24 hours someone could double up on a single dilithium mission? Its not even a 20 hr daily, its 24 hrs which means you are going to miss the recycle time and push it further back each day missing some. When progress feels lost, people quit games, not just here but everywhere.
I really wish people would stop bringing up this bullsnot when making their arguments "against" Season 7. You have to realize it was a series of exploits that got fixed. They've told us flat-out, time and again, that Dilithium earnings are supposed to be based on time spent playing. If you can get as much from a single 5-minute clickfest (Foundry Clickie Exploit) as running a series of missions that could take up to an hour, then it was BROKEN and needed to be fixed.

Don't complain about having your earnings potential stripped away - you were exploiting a failure in their system. Which they have now fixed. You're wasting your time complaining about that, and not acknowledging that it was a long-overdue FIX just smacks of entitlement and greed.

As for New Romulus having "nothing to do"? Are you mental? I've already spent hours there, and am only like halfway thru the missions. And then there's the Reputation-based mission unlocks that I'll have to come back and experience as I progress thru that system.