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11-16-2012, 09:17 AM
I pretty much gave my opinion on things here:

As for what i'll actually do?

I might just maybe play the odd week evry few months now. Or maybe i'll just come on once every couple of weekends to run the rep stuff. Not sure tbh. I play all MMO's by alting, i play a character hardcore for a week or three, (more if i'm leveling but once at cap i don't stick to one for long periods), then switch. You make it effectivlly impossibble for me to progress my alts, and i'll only play a few weeks before i get bored. AT which point i put the game down for several months.

I've currentlly got MWO, (assuming they got a working installer by now), LOTRO:RoR, ME1 & 2, and Fallout:NV sitting around waiting to be played. I have other options of what to do with my gaming time. If i can't enjoy STO for very long, it won't get a lot fo my playing tme. Nothing more, nothing less. If i feel sufficently fed up i may just walk away despite my investment in this game and my love of the ST IP.