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How hard is for you guys there, yea the devs, make a dam save button to save the position of the abilities in the taskbars.

I mean, most of us, use the 3 rows on space for it, personally I use 2 for ground, but it is the space one that is the most bugged. Could not that be fixed with a dam save button like in the power settings?

Also, since all the dam bars, are horizontal, why when we want to put a extra bar while editing the hud, it is mandatory to stay on the vertical? Who the hell on that office had this brilliant idea of having a extra 4th bar but then you could not put it on the horizontal??? I mean guys, come on.... do you guys even play your own game?

I do not know if this is a bug, but now, every time I get on my science guy, flying the atrox, some bridge officers decided to abandon their stations and screw up all the abilities on my bar. Then other powers show up that are not even needed, like the buttons to fire a particular beam or whatever.

When I put them back, all the powers are a mess again. I am tired everytime that I beam into my ship, lose about 5 or 10 minutes to re-arrange the taskbar. DO SOMETHING about it.
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