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Originally Posted by erei1 View Post
If you think scanning rocks, taking water sample and killing mobs is "trek", you should play others mmos. Lots of "trek" experience in them.
Behold, the average jaded Trek fan.

Sure the mechanics of New Romulus are pretty standard MMO fare. No one with a functioning brain and past MMO experience would argue otherwise. It's stock "go here collect rocks" fare.

But you're missing the point. This is a strange new world, that we have never had access to before now. And, lo and behold, it is your task to explore it. Seeking out new life to help an old civilization adapt. And incidentally uncovering mysteries about a new civilization on the planet, too, if the ruins mean anything.

Then there's the themes of helping others in need, as I mentioned. Which someone pointed out was a Federation theme, but then again, Star Trek was largely about the Federation doing, well by golly, very much the same sorts of things we're seeing on New Romulus!

And yes, by this standard, any new content in, say, WoW, that has you exploring new places and helping new people is Trek-like content. Well that's because it's true. Just because you're an elf or troll doesn't mean exploring new places is any less in the spirit of Trek.

In closing, congratulation to most of you for missing the point of what Trek-like content is and having to have it explained to you.