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11-16-2012, 09:28 AM
They werent really missions that were valuable uses of time. If you want rom marks or omega marks the fastest way to get it is to do do pew pew in the pve queus. Im not talking about just making more areas to explore but rather to give a wider variety of missions. After people do the "social" content 3-5 times they will return to pew pew missions because both types will turn into boring grind fests and if you have to grind you might as well pick that which lets you complete it faster. The clickers were a grind. Nobody ever said they were fun. But at least you got good value of reward for your time spent.

Take Lord of the Rings for example. You can do missions where you get a job bussing tables or using emotes to perform a part in a play. You can build a snowman. You can deliver goods and services such as beer to a festival or party. You can do those missions if you want or you can do traditional kill zerg missions. But you have a choice. And either way, LOTR rewards your time invested by giving you a solid reward of value for time invested playing their game.

Beyond the featured episodes, and with a nod towards diplomacy and to doffs. Most of the new stuff is stale the day it arrives. These arent missions they are kill and cash your reward. Its grind based content. We all know it. Short of Doffs, innovation died the day the foundry opened. Cryptic punted to the players and the best new missions are foundry based except nobody wants to play them because there isnt any good time gate reward for your efforts there. Even if you enjoy them, the foundry missions take a long time and do not reward you well for your time spent there.