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11-16-2012, 09:30 AM
Excuse me?
How is B'Tran an exploit? It was designed to give you double the dilithium. The is NO reason for the 2nd mission to exist without it as a level 50 only mission doesn't give expertise as a logical reward.

The console clicking is hard to call an exploit when they full well knew it was being done, then they added fleet marks to it. So they intentionally gave more rewards to an exploit? This is bull. The foundry itself not giving rewards is its own problem that they need to fix.

These aren't only my opinions, these are what I hear from my fleet, the non-vocal. New Romulus is dull, look at the dozens of complaints about it, run around and hitting the f button is not content. The unlocks for the reputation system (I've done 2) are not nearly as exciting as you think they are going to be, it just a very small daily quest with no real reward. You play them once and never go back.

No, they shouldn't remove people's character slots, but the first time I found out you could transfer all your dilithium to other characters my jaw dropped, its clearly exploitative, it wasn't meant to be but they do nothing about it. But is the solution to penalize everyone for those abusing the system?

We've seen rages against changes before, but this isn't a rage threat, people are demoralized and leaving, its happening if people believe it or not.

I suggested a daily log on "bonus" for characters once and close the console clicking. Many games do this, it ramps up the bonus you get over time to a certain maximum for logging in every day, it keeps people logging in and the game in their head. If they miss a day it resets to the lowest amount. Making customers feel appreciated is important, but I've never seen a game where the F2P currency is transferable