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Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
We'll be looking at what Fleet Ships we can add to the Fleet Shipyards' offerings -- I can't share any details or timeframes yet, but watch for patch notes as we'll announce additions there, if not in a Blog


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For constructive feedback since the KDF ships were kit bashed so many times throughout each series and you mainly have your main selection of bops, vor'cha, negh'var, and then the 10 seconds of fame of somraw raptor some of these fleet ships should have different variants because some like the engineering style of the copy and paste of federation counter parts and some may want like the quote said KDF science ship and then some may want a more tactical approach. The best thing I can think of is putting out variants that heavier in one area than we already have like tactical and science and then add in some custom design/thoughts from ship artists on how they would percieve nausicaan, orion, lethean, gorn, etc ships to be to add on because some things they would have to make up with little or no screen time but still if it meets parameters of some of the ships that we know and love from the KDF they could be acceptable.

Although I know many KDF as well as I would love to see a Negh'Var pack like the vesta has not neccessarily the same setups but something that feels Klingon but covers all the bases.