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Originally Posted by nicha0 View Post
Excuse me?
How is B'Tran an exploit? It was designed to give you double the dilithium. The is NO reason for the 2nd mission to exist without it as a level 50 only mission doesn't give expertise as a logical reward.

The console clicking is hard to call an exploit when they full well knew it was being done, then they added fleet marks to it. So they intentionally gave more rewards to an exploit? This is bull. The foundry itself not giving rewards is its own problem that they need to fix.
B'Tran was an exploit because you could get a large amount of dilithium faster than anywhere else for less effort.

The foundry daily was set up to encourage people to play foundry missions, which is why they gave the dilithium and fleet marks for it. When people started doing the clickies that went against the spirit of what it was intended for. They added the marks for those who were doing it as it was intended. The clickie people just happened to get a bonus.

It seems you want everything immediately for little or no effort. That's not the way the game should be played, nor is it the way the game is going. If people leave, as you intimate they will, I hardly think that will be the end of the game. I think the new systems will strengthen the game in the long term and provide a solid foundation from which new content can be built.

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While I cannot speak for others I see nothing wrong for acting entitled when facing a BUSINESS. Remember, they are out for your money, why shouldn't YOU be trying to get VALUE out of your time/money. Isn't "Greed" a company's duty and obligation? Why should players be different? If anything players are constantly forgiving and understanding when they shouldn't be, for me the greed balance is clearly leaning towards Cryptic's side.
You're 100% right that all players should try to get the most value for their time and money. I think, however, that a lot of players are trying to get that value by trying to steer the game in directions it's just not going to go. I think the best way that a player can get best value is control the amount of time and money they spend.

That may mean people leave, but that's the way it is with MMOs.

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