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11-16-2012, 09:42 AM
Cindy, I have a feeling that people that have played mmos that had real crafting, real role play, and embraced the social aspects of a massive mulitplayer online role play game know what is missing here and feel it more deeply than the pew pew crowd.

When diplomacy came out, I built a character that was meant to be levelled up and played in a manner reflecting that of a pacifist where 95% or more of her essence would be role play and game play befitting a diplomat and avoiding combat. She would craft, and do diplomacy, and role play. She loved the Doffs when they came out.

Now I just cant seem to enjoy her because you only get dilithium through pew pew and that was not my intent when creating her or how I hoped to enjoy the time I spent with her. She is a rank 1 leader of a really big fleet and I like the people in the fleet but I dont see how I can enjoy this character and play her when the way to enjoy the game is so at odds with the role I hoped to play when I created her.

Few really understand how real role players can get into their characters and enjoy them. STO is quickly becoming a hey dude lets go shoot things MMORG. And I think the Devs are angling it to appeal to this limited demographic.