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Originally Posted by diogene0 View Post
My only regret is about the free academy pack, it wasn't really hurting the game.
Yes and no.

did it hurt things on it's own? no.

But, it was imbalanced. It was pretty much the best source of free doffs in the game. It gave you 5 just for doing the mission. AND you could keep them in the doff pack until you needed them. Most of my characters have a stack of these packs because I don't bother using them most of the time. Cultural exchanges give 1, 3 on a crit. branch recruiting is 2, 3 on crit. the general recruiting assignment gave you as many doffs as several of the other academy recruiting missions. AND you could keep them in a box for later.

so yeah, I don't think it really NEEDED the dil cost, but I understand why the Devs did it.

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