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Originally Posted by spectographic View Post
Sounds interesting.
Mind me asking two things:

1) Is buying Zen more attractive, if you get more or less Dilithium for it?

2) Does the Zen cost more if there is more or less Dilithium?

I can never get to figure this one out
I myself am a Free-to-play guy, but I got a few of my friends to play and pay... The idea of my previous speaker sounds worth a look. Just saying.


PS: Fun is obligatory!
The whole Dilithium bottleneck that Cryptic has created is expected to work two fold for them.

The 1st part was to greatly hinder the amount of free Dilithium that we able to grind out by lowering the payout and forcing us all to invest more time to get the amounts of Dilithium Ore that we were use to bring in.

The 2nd part is what their hoping will be a byproduct of the of the 1st part
Hinder the amount of Dilithium that can enter the market via free game play, drive up the demand for in-game Dilithium so that players that are willing to buy Zen to convert to Dilithium will have to buy twice has much Zen to get the amounts of Dilithium that they need.

Cryptic has succeeded in making the free grind to get Dilithium so unappealing that the players and fleets that are trying to race to the top and get the new shinies and the next level of their Star bases that they?ll see dropping $10-50 in Zen has a small price to pay to get the Dilithium they?ll need to reach their goals.

The nerfing of Dilithium payouts also puts the screws to the systematic alters out there that knew how to use their time and many alts to rake in has much free Dilithium has possible.

These changes won?t end here and has soon has the players start to figure out the best way to maximize their Dilithium grinding time under this new system I?m sure it will be adjusted again.

I can?t fault Cryptic for trying to make the most money possible from the STO player base; however, I can fault them for the tactics that they use.

Yay Dilithum powered Star Bases!

Yay Dilithum powered Romulan Home World!

Yay new Doff packs that we need to pay $ or convert Dilithium for just to get Doffs to pour into our Star bases!

Yay a new loot system for STF gear and now instead of chance we know it will only take us about 8-10 months to get all the equipment that we need!

Yay no new story line progressing missions in almost 2 years! (that is a good thing right?)

Yay the game that I once loved playing has turned into a 2nd job!

All joking aside, I?ve not actively played STO in over 8 months and I generally just long in once a month to update files.

I saw the eternal STO grind coming a while back and I wanted no part of it; however for some stupid reason I continue to hold out that someday I?ll log in to STO and find a reason to want to play it again.